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    Gandalf Says : Ortada Sandik Koya Koya Usandik :)

    PH Team : st0rm - BlackBox - blast0ris - TheWayEnd - Lord - AloneManTR - ThoR - Lider - Ceri - Antiochos - ulubatlıHasan - And More....

    Mar Pauly Kannookadan

    Mar Pauly Kannookadan was born on February 14th 1961. He hails from the parish of St. Mary’s Church Kuzhikatt…

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    Msgr. Dr. Jose Irimpan, Co-Ordinator

    TDear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, India, a paragon of the rich blending and assimilation of kaleidoscopic cultural…

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    Mar James Pazhayattil

    Mar James Pazhayattil was born at Puthenchira on July 26th, 1934. After the matriculation at his native village he joi…

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    The Chennai mission is one of the jewels in the crown of the church in this Endeavour. Established in 1983 and entrusted under

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